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Do you have a pinball machine you want to sell? 

Do you know how much your pinball machine is worth?

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The Pinball Value Promise

At Pinballvalue, should you decide to list your pinball machine or arcade game, we never sell your information to any third party. Your information is not posted on a website for the world to see. Our referral service is handled discretely through individual emails and communications with potential buyers. 

If you have a pinball machine in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, or Maryland, we are very local and can pick up the machine within a few days. Outside this area is no problem either. 

Please explore this website and submit your questions or pinball machine you would like to sell.

Why choose

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  1. We will pay more for your pinball machine than your local amusement business. WHY? Because we are collectors and we are not concerned with overhead, employees, insurance, maintenance, rent, etc. In most cases, we pay 20-30% more for a game!

  2. Pinballvalue does NOT charge commission! Large auction websites, consignment shops, and estate brokers charge commission. This is savings directly in your pocket. 

  3. We're NOT Craigslist, which is full of flaky people who may not show up for appointments, low-ball you when they arrive, or are just plain creepy people you dont want in your home.

  4. Our collectors are knowledgeable and passionate hobbyists who want your machine and pay cash. No checks, paypal, or iffy payment methods. Our collectors are polite, courteous and able to move your unwanted pinball machine out of your home!

  5. It's easy, fast, and free. Once you are matched with a collector, games can be picked up within 24-48 hours.

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"Thank you to the crew of Pinballvalue. I was looking to sell my Stern Sopranos and these guys made it easy. Pinballvalue offered a fair price for the machine. They were professional and moved my machine with care. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks again! You gave me one less thing I have to move to Florida!"  Pete, Vineland NJ

What is my pinball machine worth?

Selling a pinball machine can be difficult due to size and complexity. Some pinball machines are worth $200 and some $9000.00.


At, we put you in touch with pinball collectors throughout the country who are willing to buy your pinball or arcade machine whether its working or non-working. We take the hassle out of selling your unwanted machine. 

It is easy to sell or obtain a value of your pinball machine, just complete the form below and you will be contacted within 12 hours. Please take photos too as it helps with valuation and offer price! 


Our service is FREE! No Cost, No Obligation. 

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