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  • Why should I use Pinballvalue to sell my pinball or arcade machine?
    Its fast, FREE and easy! We connect you with people that want to buy your pinball machine. We charge NO commission and you will NOT pay any fees to sell your machine. You'll avoid the hassle of dealing with Craigslist scam artists, and you won't need to pay to place ads online or in the local paper. We do it all for you. You simply supply us with the name, condition, and type of machine you have and we will do the rest. You are free to set your own price for the pinball machine based on your market research.
  • Why is Pinball Value better than using an Arcade or Amusement Company?
    Arcade and Amusement Companies are great for buying and selling games. However, these companies will typically offer you less because of the overhead and staff they have to pay to run their operations. And, these companies typically put a lot of time and energy into the game to maximize profit, which, can also reduce the amount you receive. However, if you are a new pinball or arcade hobbyists, we recommend buying from an arcade or amusement company because most offer warranties and stand behind their work. However, if you are selling an unwanted pinball machine, It never hurts to get an offer from them but 90% of the time, we will pay you more money.
  • Why is the value of my machine listed higher on eBay?
    eBay sellers and retailers offer a great service for many first-time pinball buyers and they provide serviced machines that are reliable - but, that comes at a cost. Unfortunately, this cost doesn't equal the value of your machine - similar to when you trade in a used car. eBay prices are not evidence of value for a few reasons: eBay machines are generally sold by vendors and amusement companies who spend time and money refurbishing the machines prior to sale. The last thing an eBay seller wants is to sell a game to someone 1,000 miles away only to have it break and have to pay for a warranty service call. Resellers and vendors want their machines to be in great shape when it gets to the customer so they spend time getting the machine right - and that cost is added to the cost of the machine. Many eBay sellers include "free" shipping and warranty support. This is NOT true! Retailers and eBay sellers are out to make a profit. Generally, retailers mark up the games to include profit. Hypothetically, a retailer or eBay seller could buy a game for $2,000 and invest roughly $500 - $2,000 in repairs, upgrades, free shipping, and warranty support. Then, the seller will add 20-50% mark-up for profit, resulting in your $2,000 machine being listed for $6,000. Many machines listed on eBay do NOT sell for the asking price. So, it's best to check official machine listings for accurate information.
  • Why shouldn't I sell my pinball machine on eBay?
    eBay offers a large audience and the potential for a large profit. However, don't be fooled - many prices you see on ebay are inflated and the games rarely sell for the list price. Also, the buyer could be in another state. So, do you want to be responsible for packing up the game and coordinating with a shipper? Lastly, eBay and Paypal fees can range anywhere from $50 to over $300+ per transaction. AVOID fees by using Pinballvalue with our no fee solution!
  • What's wrong with using Craiglist to sell my pinball machine?
    Craigslist is a free alternative to using outlets like eBay to sell merchandise. However, if you're a the mercy of the buyer's honesty and committment without guarantee of payment; and, many potential buyers dont show up to complete the transaction, try to haggle with you, or disappear altogether. Pinballvalue puts you in contact with actual, serious collectors where you the opportunity to properly vet a buyer before they step foot in your door. But, if you decide to use Craigslist, never meet a buyer alone. Always have someone else with you in your home when it's time to complete your transaction.
  • What's the cost to sell my pinball machine with Pinballvalue?
    Absolutely free! No gimicks. No fees. No commissions.
  • Why have this website if your service is free?
    Finding pinball machines and arcade machines is tough. Collectors and hobbyist cannot just go to the store and find them. By having a website, we can connect you and your unwanted games with collectors who desire them.
  • How do I sell my pinball machine using Pinballvalue?
    There are many ways to sell your unwanted pinball machine or arcade machine but the best way is through! Click here to see our easy four step process!
  • Does Pinball Value sell my machine?
    Pinballvalue does not sell your machine - we provide you with guidance, assist you with appraising your pinball or arcade machine, and connect you with fully vetted potential buyers. Determining the value of your game and what you would like to sell it for is up to you. We also provide information to databases of pinball sales data.
  • How does Pinballvalue find the right buyers?
    As collectors and hobbyists for many years, we've connected with and become members of newgroups, collector sites, and forums dedicated to arcade and pinball collecting. So, when we receive your request, we market your machine to these respected channels and sites so only Interested buyers contact our team so we can connect them with you.
  • Does Pinballvalue publicize or sell my information?
    No, we do sell your information or publicize your information on websites, forums, or newgroups.
  • How is my information shared with potential buyers?
    When we advertise your product, it appears as follows: For Sale: Used Pinball Machine, working, good condition. Please contact pinballvalue for owners information and price. We do NOT list your phone number or email address in the advertisement. If you prefer, we will provide the collectors information to you!
  • Does Pinballvalue provide advice on pricing?
    Yes, we can direct you to websites which can provide you with pricing information. Also, years of experience in this hobby have given us quite an extensive knowledge of appropriate prices to charge for your machine. Dont be afraid to ask! Contact us or submit a free appraisal request.
  • Does Pinballvalue sell pinball and arcade machines?
    Occassionally, we sell machines from our own collection to make room for new ones. Machines for sale will be listed here.
  • How long does it take to sell my pinball or arcade machine?
    A typical sale takes a few hours or a fewdays, and depends on communication and negotiations between you and the buyer. NOTE: If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or New York, your game could be picked up in the same day as your sale since there are many collectors in these states.
  • How will the buyer purchase and collect my machine?
    Buyers are responsible for discussing logistics with you and ultimately moving the game out of your residence or storage location. Typically, the buyer will inspect the machine and play some games to verify its condition. And, once they are satisfied with the sale, they will pay you for the game. NOTE: Once the money changes hands, Pinballvalue considers the game the buyer's possession. However, we advise you have a written agreement between you and the buyer.
  • What about shipping my machine? How does that work?
    If we buy your machine and you are not in the local area, we send a shipping company to packup and remove the game. The shipping company are professional movers who will wrap up the machine and prepare for transit. We pay the shipping cost which can be $500 - $700 dollars per machine. What about payment? When we purchase a non-local machine, we offer payment via paypal or venmo. HOWEVER, the game will not leave your home until you receive payment. We send payment when the shipping company arrives this way you are comfortable knowing you have been paid and we are comfortable knowing the game is on the truck. We have bought hundreds of games long disance, and it is a seamless process.
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