The answer is yes. Like everything else in the world, pinball prices and pinball values are rising. A pinball machine which sold last year for $3000 is now selling for 10-20% more. Pinball Machine values are certainly rising!

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  • JC

Happy 2021. Hopefully its better than 2021. What did people do during the pandemic, they bought pinball machines. Brand new pinball machines are flying off the shelves. Manufacturers like Stern, Jersey Jack, and American pinball sold thousands of games as people were stuck in their basements. This demand has led people to search for older games as well. Its a great time to sell your game. Demand is high, prices are high. For example, 3 years ago collectors were paying 3500-4000 for Addams Family pinball machines in good condition. Today, we are paying 5000+. Email us for a free no obligation offer. Happy Spring!

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Batteries were a staple in pinball machines because they kept high scores and various settings. The problem is that many owners did not realize certain facets of their machines run on batteries until the machines stopped working.

The games stopped working because the batteries leaked acid on the components. It is very important when valuing a game to look at the condition of the batteries and CPU boards to determine whether or not there is damage. In some cases, it can be cleaned up quickly. In other cases, the CPU boards are trashed and must be replaced; which, can run $200-$500 depending on the game.

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