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The Pinballvalue Team Story

The team is made up of a group of dedicated pinball and arcade collectors who are constantly searching to expand their own collections. After years of obtaining people's unwanted games through eBay, Craigslist, newspaper classifieds, and yard sales, we have come to the conclusion that there should be an easier way to connect collectors with individuals who have arcade, pinball, and coin-operated machines they no longer wish to own. We figured this site could help. We do this for fun!!!


We also know many other collectors in all parts of the country that are also seeing to expand their collections. We figured we cannot buy every game that someone submits to however we can find others out there who can. We feel this service helps not only the seller or owner of unwanted coin-operated machines but also the community of pinball collectors as a whole. 

We are located outside of King of Prussia Pennsylvania. Convenient to NJ, NY, Delaware, Maryland and VA.


The profit is simply finding a game that we would like to have in our own collection. When not collecting pinballs, the Team at Pinballvalue works as lawyers, teachers, and engineers in there "real jobs." 

Star Wars Pinball
Star Trek Bally Pinball
Star Trek Bally Pinball
WWF Pinball Machine
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Spiderman Pinball Machine
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