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Pinball Appraisal Lesson 2: Rarity

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

So in this post, we will discuss Rarity when it comes to pinball machines and how rarity affects price. The simple answer to this question? It all depends.

Rarity goes hand in hand with whether or not the game is popular. For a pinball to be considered rare, there would typically be less than 2000 games made. One way to figure out the game count is to look at, which is a web page that lists the actual production units of most games. The only exception is that Stern Pinball does not release numbers.

In my opinion, any game over 2000 units and up is not very rare. They can be readily found on the collector market in no time. However, there are some outliers to this theory and one of them is the Addams Family Pinball. The Addams Family Pinball was produced in 1992 and over 20,000 units were produced. So, you are probably thinking, not very rare, not worth a lot of money - WRONG. Addams family are still one of the most sought after games with collectors. Why? It's a fantastic game that is just simply fun for all levels of player. Because of its popularity, the game runs anywhere from $3500 to close to $8000 depending on the condition.

What about older games? It all depends on the game. The good old ones are worth money if in nice condition. The problem with old games are that the condition is sometimes very rough. However, there is always an outlier and older EM games are no exception. For example, Joker Poker always commands some good money, Fathom, Sea witch, Kiss, and Eight Ball Deluxe. You just never know so its always best to ask.

If you have an Addams Family Pinball Machine or any others which you want to sell, please contact us today!

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