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Should I sell my pinball machine on Craigslist?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I often get asked when discussing appraisals "Should I sell this game on Craigslist"?

Unfortunately it's not an easy answer. There are a few things which I tell sellers about craigslist which they should consider before selling their game:

  1. There is no guarantee that you will obtain a higher selling price. I have been doing this for years and when I sell a game, I get the highest price when selling to a collector. Why? Because collectors understand the market and what the pinball machine value is currently. Pinball Machine prices fluctuate like the stock market. One month a pinball machine can be hot and selling for top dollar whereas the next month it will slow down. Collectors understand this volatility more so than anyone else and tend to pay the best.

  2. Flakes. if you have ever sold on Craigslist, you know that people low ball you, commit to buying, then don't show up. Excuse after excuse. Do you want to deal with that?

  3. Random people in your home. Do you want random people showing up and trampling through your home to look at an old pinball machine? How do you know these people are even going to buy it? Are they wasting my time?

  4. Danger. I could only imagine the millions of sales that take place thanks to Craigslist all over this country every day. Most take place in a parking lot or well populated location for a reason - safety. I personally don't like anyone coming to my home so when I sell good on CL, I meet in a parking lot. Again, do you want strangers in your home?

  5. Experience moving the machine. Many buyers on CL have no clue how to move and disassemble a machine without damaging the machine and/or your property. Collectors come prepared with the tools and muscle needed to get it out.

So, the above are my reasons for NOT selling on Craigslist. Can you be successful at selling through Craigslist? Yes! However, why chance it?

Pinballvalue puts you into contact with actual pinball machine collectors who want your machine. They are not flakes and will pay a fair market value for your game. Plus, we know how to move your machine out safely and quickly.

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