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Repair or Sell? Should I repair my machine?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is always a good question. The ultimate decision depends on your budget and your love affair with the game. Sometimes, its an economic decision. Generally, repair technicians will charge anywhere from $65 to $100 just to ring your doorbell.

Once there, they charge by the hour and rates can be anywhere from $50 per hour up to $100 depending on your location. Plus, there is also the parts cost involved. Depending on the nature of the problem, the repair can be $150 on up to over $1,000 depend on the parts. Now, if you own an older electronic machine, the value of the machine is probably around $100 to $400 bucks and frankly, may not be worth the cost.

Now, if you own a $8,000 Monster Bash, thats different!

The bottom line - before you contemplate a repair, do some pricing research first and find out what it's worth before sinking money into a game. In pinball, you never get repair costs back when you sell.

If you have a question about price, please email us as!

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