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New Year, New Games, New Pricing

Lots of "newness" this coming year. Pinball Machine prices continue to keep pace with inflation. However, one thing we have noticed is that higher value pinball machine game sales are starting to slow. Pinball machines with values over $8000 are taking longer to sell. I can only speculate that people are a bit apprehensive about the current economic climate and holding onto their money longer. That being said, they are being sold its just taking longer.

Lots of new games over the past year: Jersey Jack Pinball: Toy Story 4 (Pricing $9000-$15000); Stern Pinball James Bond, Spooky Pinball Skooby Doo. If you are looking for a new game, please reach out. We can put in you touch with authorized distributors!

Thanks for reading, please reach out with any questions about your pinball machine!

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